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Katie Boué

Katie Boué
Katie Boué
Katie Boué

The Giveback Endeavor - American Alpine Club.

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About Katie

When I was a little girl, my mom used to love wrapping earthworms around my fingers to wear as rings. When I was a young teenager, my family moved to California for a year – and my dad introduced me to Yosemite. When we left the west coast to return to Florida, my whole family road tripped across the country for two weeks.

After studying creative writing at Florida State University, I started documenting my adventures online – just to keep my family and friends updated with my travels. It all began with a four-week cross-country road trip with three climbing friends in a Jeep. From there, The Morning Fresh was born and became my outlet for sharing my experiences.

In 2013, I bought a big yellow Sprinter van and retrofitted it with Goal Zero solar equipment, a bed, and a kitchen. With the support of sponsors like Teton Sports, I spent an entire year traveling across the country in search of the best climbing spots and outdoor pursuits. Armed with a camera, climbing equipment, and social media, I discovered some of the most beautiful places in the country, and connected with adventurers from Chattanooga to Canada.

The most important message I seek to share with my readers (on my website The Morning Fresh) is that anyone can find adventure. We romanticize the people we see doing “epic” stuff online, but really, anyone can do it. I hope to inspire people to take risks, push limits, and get outside in search of their own ultimate adventure. For me, that big leap was taking a year off of life to live in a van and explore – and it all happened because I just decided to do it. No questions, no doubts, I made a plan and went for it. If I can do it, so can you.

Beyond outdoor adventure, my passions include sustainable lifestyles, digital media, and living locally. I’m a total sucker for petting random dogs, collecting plants, and eating sushi. Whether I’m out on a mountain in search of boulders, or experimenting in my kitchen with new Cuban recipes, I think that every moment of our lives offers an opportunity for adventure.

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