TETON Sports Values


At TETON Sports, we make decisions quickly. Our flat corporate structure means we can evaluate changing conditions and act right away if necessary. We once completely rebranded a product line for a customer so as to minimize potential liability with another vendor. We had the newly labeled products on the shelf before the other vendor officially notified us of the problem. This kind of agile, proactive behavior earns TETON Sports respect from our retail partners.

TETON Sports stands behind everything we make. Our Warranty is unique within the industry, because we understand how valuable your time is and what a hassle shipping a defective product back to the manufacturer can be. We won’t waste your time fixing your product; we’ll just send you a new one so you can hit the trail.


At TETON Sports, we bend over backwards to make things easier for a retail partner. Be it exclusives, private labels, input into product design, or customized ordering policies, we understand that sometimes you need things done a certain way. We won't agree to things that would hurt ourselves, our retail partners, or the many campers who depend on us, but outside of that guideline, we'll do almost anything else you need.


At TETON Sports, we introduce the customer and the factory to each other. We fly in factory owners and managers to meet face-to-face with the people who sell the products they build. Most other importers succeed by keeping the players separated, believing they must control access or risk getting ejected from the deal. At TETON Sports, we believe that kind of power play is a bad foundation for business. Our job is to provide value to both factory and store, and we work hard to make sure we always do just that. We've learned that our customers will gladly pay a little for communication, coordination, design, supervision, quality control, product support and the many other tasks that go into getting the right stuff on the shelves.


At TETON Sports, we pay our bills on time, we have low overhead, and we do not finance growth with debt. We are innovative with our products, but not risk takers financially. When a large outfitter went through a bankruptcy reorganization recently, we absorbed the losses without taking on outside financing.


At TETON Sports, we try hard to do the right thing. If we make a mistake, we own up to it. And if we make a promise, we take that promise very seriously. Once, our owner even met financial commitments at his own expense when his previous employer became unable to do so. We treat business associates the way we treat our own friends and family–with respect and honor and honesty.


The people at TETON Sports have been in the sporting goods industry for nearly fifteen years, with buyers who have supported us even when they switched employers. We won't go off the deep end when problems come up. We'll sit down with you and make a plan to work through the hard times together. We are not in this for the short haul, and you can trust us not to put the money ahead of the relationship.


At TETON Sports, buyers work directly with an experienced decision maker who is in–touch with product users and who has firsthand success in overseeing the manufacturing and import activities. We are structured to support key accounts, which means that we staff slowly and only bring on people who will be capable, professional, and smart when working on your projects. We won't grow at your expense.


At TETON Sports, we have a very long not–to–do list as opposed to the traditional to–do list. We do just a few things, but like to think we do them well. We have only a handful of customers, but we do big business with the ones we have. We don't offer things like consumable products, just outstanding camping gear. If we investigate something and don't believe it will work for us, we don't do it, no matter who else is doing it and no matter how pretty the brochure for it might be. We've watched other companies spread themselves too thin. We believe our list of what not to do is really what keeps us in business.

If your company is looking for a vendor partner like us, please contact us and let's get the ball rolling.