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Mammoth Sleeping Bag Liners

XL Sleeping Bag Liner
XL Sleeping Bag Velcro Tabs
XL Sleeping Bag Stuff Bag
XL Sleeping Bag Stuff Bag

Product Description

Double-wide Mammoth sleeping bag liner is constructed of a durable, brushed fabric (polyester or cotton) and the design minimizes twisting during the night. Top sides open 24" and fold down for easy entrance and exit. Safety Velcro tabs close the openings to keep out drafts. Square pillow hood and reinforced seams. Use liner with any Mammoth sleeping bag to improve warmth by about 10 degrees or by itself as a warm-weather bag or travel sheet. Machine washable and dryable. Includes stuff sack with drawstring, barrel-lock, and handle.


  • Roomy 91" x 58" rectangular liner fits TETON Sports Mammoth sleeping bags
  • Adds about 10 degrees of warmth to a sleeping bag
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Soft and breathable like a luxury sheet
  • Both sides open 24" for easy exit and entry
  • Includes stuff sack with drawstring cord, barrel-lock, and handle
Item #: 180 (Polyester) | 180-C (Cotton) Category: .
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Size 91" x 58"
Material Double-Brushed P5 Poly Hi-Count or Cotton
Opening 24" Left and Right side Velcro Openings
Storage Stuff Sack
Pack Weight 1.5 lbs
Color Grey