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FAQ - Tents

1 - Are the floor and rainfly seams taped on all TETON Sports tents?

Yes, the floor and rainfly seams are heat taped to prevent leaking.

2 - How do I store my TETON Sports tent?

Be sure the tent is clean, clear of debris, and completely dry. Storing your tent wet can encourage mold growth that will ruin the tent.

3 - What is the waterproofing on TETON Sports Tents?

It depends on the tent, but 2,000mm is the lowest water proofing standard we use, which is still higher than a large majority of other tents in the market.

4 - How do I lock the legs on the quick-up tents?

Instructions for set up are available here and in this video

5 - What sleeping bags work best with the Outfitter XXL Quick Tent?

All sleeping bags 90" x 39" and smaller fit the Outfitter XXL Quick tent best. However, the Celsius XL 0°F bag can also fit in the tent with a little bunching.