Campers Talk About Customer Service...

It has taken me too long to write this but I wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service. Earlier this year, I had a Celsius XL sleeping bag with a zipper that went bad. Customer service rep Shawn took my complaint, handled it swiftly and in a few days and I was back out sleeping like a baby! This kind of customer service exemplifies a quality company and Teton Sports should be recognized for backing the quality of their products without hesitation. I am pretty set on gear right now, but when I need it, I’ll be back! --Gregg G, Email

You guys were very fast in responding to my emails, and provided outstanding customer service to me. It is nice and refreshing to know that there are still companies out there that care about their customers. I will recommend you to anyone. --Brandon M, Email

Amazing response time. --John C, Email

Thanks for all your good service. I will definitely shop Teton again. --Jerry H, Email

You guys are great with your customer service. I have had companies that do not respond to, or help with customer's problems. Bravo and Kudos! --Zack M, Email

Wow, that is fast service. --Albert M, Email

It is great to know that there are companies like Teton Sports making great products and providing awesome customer service. --Chris G, Email

Your customer service is second to none. Thanks for your prompt and thorough communication. --Geoff M, Email

Wow, what great service. --Scott S, Email

I am always happy to do business with a company that stands behind their products. Thanks so much! --Jon H, Email

I appreciate the excellent customer service! --Keith E, Email

. . . Sleeping Bags

Wow! this bag is great. I tested it in Wisconsin at 6 below in my shorts and I was not cold at all! --Richard, Amazon

This bag should be standard issue for any citizen of the planet. --The Magpie, Amazon

I just bought your Mammoth bag and love it. Thanks again from a happy camper! --Nathan G, Email

I was skeptical at first because the price on this sleeping bag was so low compared to others at the same temp rating. When I used it I felt like I made the best purchase I could have. This sleeping bag performed extremely well. --Roy K, Amazon

This is a very substantial sleeping bag, in size and quality of construction. The bag is well made and very comfortable to sleep in. Well done, Teton! --USA, Amazon

On a scale of 1 to 5 . . . this ultimate sleeping bag rates a 6. --Aphoenix2, Amazon

This sleeping bag is worth every penny. --M neese, Amazon

I have bought a dozen bags in my life and always found that you are always left, at the worst spot, wishing you'd paid the extra $100 for a better bag. Well, I bought the Teton -25F bag, and must say, I don't think there is a better bag made. --Larry C, Amazon

. . . Backpacks

Thank you for making such great bags at an affordable price! --Christy W, Email

The overall quality, features, durability, comfort and affordable price makes this backpack second to none. I would recommend this backpack to anyone. --James G, Email

I love the backpack.
--William C, Email

Extremely happy with this backpack. --Mark, Amazon

This is such an amazing backpack, and I am so happy with this purchase, that I want to look for things around the house and neighborhood to carry in this bag! --doncole99, Amazon

We have been through 3 backpacks this year. Each one we buy has fallen apart. I have a son, who likes to run, jump and play and his backpacks take a beating. I ordered this one because of the price, since we seem to go through so many. I am REALLY impressed. This is a heavy duty bag, it is standing up to my son's daily use and abuse perfectly. Great bag --FloridaGirl, Amazon

I was pleasantly surprised to see how well constructed this bag is. --J Callanan, Amazon

I would definitely recommend this over some of the more popular and well known bags such as JanSport. The cost is much less and the quality is excellent. --medialint, Amazon

This is a very nice pack for the money. You simply can't get a better deal than this. --J. Simone, Amazon

. . . And the Patented TETON Sports Extra-Large Cot

Great cot - Best one I have ever had! --geogewww, Cabela's

One of my best purchases. All I can say is that I slept on this cot better than I do on my mattress at home and I have a good one. --cbgale, Cabela's

We purchased two of these cots for camping and are very pleased. This cot is awesome! We are extremely satisfied.--Carrie, Amazon

I have a back injury and was still able to be comfortable on this cot. A+++ cot. --Katy S, Amazon

Fantastic cot. It is firm and huge. Toss a pillow and sleeping bag on there and you will sleep like you are at home. --zooju, Cabela's

I will be buying several more for deer camp. --Norseman893, Cabela's

I really like the size and just right firmness, it makes you forget that you're sleeping on a cot. --AustinDoughboy, Cabela's

This cot provides you with all the comfort of your own bed while in camp. I let my buddy borrow mine for a camp out and he liked it so well he ordered one for himself. --97nomad, Cabela's

This is a terrific product. I liked it so much I bought 6 more for friends and family. --A Hill "Happy Camper", Amazon

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