Fall is here. I’m not quite ready to give up the shorts + sandals that have become a staple part of my summer + I am one of the 3 people on the planet that do not care for pumpkin spice but…I’m still a tiny bit excited about fall. It’s time to get creative with colorful layers, all lattes will be steamy just to warm up fingers + the fall colors are blowing up the neighborhood parks + hillsides.

Depending upon where you are fall can be simple season change full of color, a “shoulder season” where the tourism lulls for a bit or a reason to make some personal life changes. Whatever this seasonal change means to you — tell us.

Help us embrace fall…by sharing your fall photos with the #embracefall hashtag!


If you’re lucky enough to escape the city one of these weekends…do it! Pack up that tent, toss in a few extra puffy layers to get you through the chilly nights + get excited to perfect your s’mores skills. Go play! Go. Go! GO! Go take brilliantly colorful photos then plaster them all over Facebook + Instagram with the #yourlead + #embracefall hashtag. Make us jealous…please?!

• If you’re in groves of aspen, show off the whispering yellow leaves + stark white bark.

• If you’re roaming through a Midwestern state, flaunt the rolling hills of red + orange.

• If you’re driving along country roads in the east, seek out a covered bridge surrounded by maples + oaks.

• If you’re out west, show us how the fall colors meld with the mossy greens.


If you’re stuck in the city staring out your office window + wishing for just a little more daylight…sneak away! Don’t get yourself in trouble [or do…we won’t judge], but find a minute or 30 to grab a coffee + wander along a nearby bike path. It might not feel as epic as a full blown weekend warrior adventure but you’ll still get to hear the crunch of leaves, feel the crisp in the in the air + make us jealous of your adorable boot/legging/scarf combo [or plaid/beanie combo…guys, I’m looking at you, too!].  Make those of us out on the road wish for a little low key normalcy in our lives.

Even if you’re not super jazzed about the colder winter months, help us all embrace fall with an extra pop of positivity + color. We’ll re-gram + share photos tagged with #yourlead, #embracefall + @tetonsports so everyone can imagine the smell of fresh pumpkin seeds + campfires while scroll through their Instagram feed. At the end of fall [when the chill of winter has seriously set in] we’ll be back here, on the Adventure Hub, sharing our favorite fall photos to remind us all we were once excited about the change of seasons!

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The mountains were calling...and she went. While she pretends to avoid cliches this one is true! Heidi is a farm girl from the Midwest living a nomadic mountain girl life. When she isn't working in a myriad of jobs she's out on the trails with her running shoes, snowboard or tent...chasing down her version of adventure + life one day at a time.


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